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Key terms and content on each page


Overview of novel with key elements, terms, and identifying items. Most of the key terms are on the page & at the bottom of the page. 

Other elements reviewed in the novel: erased memory, Yellowstone, eternal shadow, shadow self, civilizations rebirth, and orchids.

EARTH 4020 Y.E.

What does the future bring?

Key terms are in the novel:  LawBalancers, Antarctica, Greenland, Wilkes Land, Black Star,  environmentally interactive society, AI and high technology interface controlling comfort living and data gathering, and career choices involve giving back to nature and nurture the community living. 


Science and inventions are a key to determining what a future holds. In 4020, all prior society's data available was used to upgrade the new one. 

Key terms and subjects to be covered on this page: Pompia, prints left behind, jungian archetype, astronomy, future predictions, 2012, black holes, maya mythologies, mythology of astronomy, catastrophe, Venezuela Guayana, caldera event, magnetic time, energy waves and more. 


S Richardson

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Antarctica 4020 Y.E.