About Me ~ The Mystery Writer


Mystery Writer of the Future

I have many interests, especially when I study the stars, constellations, solar sytsem, and wonder where we are headed both figuratively and dimensionally.  As I take notes of many interesting things in life, I incorporate them into the books, art, and articles.

Exploring Insights

A book cover background of erased Mars.

I enjoy writing about observations it started in college, not in a garage or a basement but under the brilliant stars on a crystal clear sky on solid ground near my live oak tree. I  continue to save notes, photos & ideas.                 

I choose to write not just daydream about them and people (readers) can make up their own minds and give input to contribute to the BIG MYSTERY. 

HERO'S Journey

A red planet visiting the surface of earth or is it?

I am excited about the Hero's Journey by staying curious, imaginative, and writing my thoughts down to encourage others to engage in things they love to do ~ it lessens the bumps in the journey that come along..

About You

SciFi Book Clues

"When Worlds Collide" novel 1933 co-written by P Wylie & E Balmer, as a sequel in a Zine, later into

You didn't really think I was going to give the Mystery clues away so early did you?  I hope you love a good Murder Mystery novel with intrigue while exploring what ifs in the future!

Clues sharpen the mind by by increasing awareness, test your strengths and fine tune short term memory skills: to know yourself ~ it is a gift that keeps giving ~ to yourself and to others!  Its a quest for better understanding & creating solutions. And we should all be on the Hero's Journey...

STrengthen your instincts

Dali "Persistence of Memory" 1931, a weakened melted clock. Magnetic fields effect memory of time.

Many are noticing changes on earth and differences in the skies and seek to know more. Does time seem like its speeding up, just melting away, or slowly winding down?                                                         

Terence McKenna says, its                  

TimeWave Zero. GO. 

His Novelty theory strangely matched i-Ching Hexagram sequence  figures where both were patterns that matched the timewave of 2012. A interconnected complexity of the universe.

"Biology runs on genes and genes are the units of meaning of heredity. A word has been invented, meme. A meme is the smallest unit of meaning of an idea. Ideas are made of memes." - Terence McKenna (1990).  McKenna, a teacher at Berkeley, sees things in patterns and breaks it down into ideas. Do you follow his theory?

  You can also contribute to the BIG MYSTERY of life. 

Enjoy the Journey

Theatrical emotions of being sad and being happy. The journey of LIFE !

Hero's Journey by staying on course: be a sky navigator ~ be curious, imaginative, and engage with others for support, recognize people doing things right, building strong relationships not breaking them down & provide encouragement ~ it lessens division.

If there is an interest I may start a Newsletter to put in science articles, leadership development techniques and various things of interest.