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 LIGHT itself changes   Will it go dimmer or more brilliant in  the 21st Century?


Volcanoes became more seismically active and stark realities more vivid             

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ERASED, A review of fates : A fourth Dimensional   Looking glass.  

plumes seem to be trailing up at sunrise silently releasing in areas 
thought to be extinct.  Is the excessive pressure on the plates moving     magma too?  Is it earth’s hyperactive inner core or
 compression from space? 

 “Metaphorically like the ashes of mankind caught frozen in the          anticipation of an event.  we can see that people are caught in the          moment. the unveiling is an ongoing event in present, past and future flashing instantaneously.  Will we face increased geo-events 
throughout 2018 extending to 2020?                                                                                                                 Earth’s Antagonist is “Helio” and its Nemesis “orb body” a physics       defying orb, heavier than Iron”

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A MURDER MYSTERY NOVEL ~  written in 2006 by S Richardson                               

Ancient cultures predict a year in the 21st century will close 
with cataclysmic events. 

Face your fears, by stepping into a rebirth of human civilization    two thousand years later as it lives and breathes with an exciting twist of fate on one life riding the gravity wave ripples right into    a golden age.
The caldera, a supervolcano erupts, spewing fountains of lava and triggers a procession of events that tilt the delicate balance of earth forces causing  former booming nations to lie buried underneath miles of ice and debris. Only 2,100 people survive the catastrophe to renew the land, trapped precariously on a Pacific Cruise ship wedged into a Venezuelan cavern. 

A Future drifter in 4020 is compelled to explore his dark side as    he begins tracking a killer whose well-planned murder, escapes the best LawBalancer. He lives among a harmonious community of Antarcticans and somehow The Advisors appear to solve community challenges with technologically advanced solutions effortlessly. He wonders why?      


Daren Mildere is just another struggling worker in search of the perfect life while propagating photophores for community light. He desires the simple life, but he awakes in a revolving nightmare ensnared with visions of a horrifying past. 

Antarctican harmony splinters as he becomes aware of savage murderers camouflaged from society.  Despite the communities effort to extract past       memories to solve the murder, a recent killer eludes discovery. 

When he uncovers his best friends’ dark secrets, he reveals many cracks layered       into his perfect world. Everyone he knows is a murder suspect. Everyone had a motive.   He must discover who and how it is happening before his own memory is erased forever. 

“Life is a Star Metaphor” ~ SR



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