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Symbol of Hunab Ku, which represents the center of the galaxy, considered the heart of galactic consciousness.  Hunab Ku can also be translated as “One Giver of Movement and Measure,” and is conceptually equivalent to God, Great Spirit, or Absolute Being.  Movement & Measure is also what Egyptian Goddess Inanna is pointing out with her icons which are similar to the Venus Goddess the ancients embraced. 

JULY 26 ,2017 Maya New Galactic Year ... “Magnetic Moon of Purpose” on the Galactic Highway.

GIANT INTERGALACTIC STREAM: MAGELLANIC CLOUDS  The new age of the stream puts its beginning at about the time when the two Magellanic Clouds maybe triggering massive bursts of star formation. The strong stellar winds and supernova explosions from that burst of star formation may have blown out the gas and started it flowing toward the Milky Way. For hundreds of years the clouds were considered satellites of the Milky Way.  [ We are now following the G2 Cloud and its effect on a Superwave as it is engulfed by the Black Hole in Galactic Center near Sagittarius Constellation - 2014].


Planck All-Sky Images Show Cold Gas and Strange Haze in Milky Way Galaxy    ScienceDaily (Feb. 13, 2012) — New images from the Planck mission show previously undiscovered islands of star formation and a mysterious haze of microwave emissions in our Milky Way galaxy. The views give scientists new treasures to mine and take them closer to understanding the secrets of our galaxy.  ---"They show a haze around the center of the galaxy, and cold gas where we never saw it before."The new images show the entire sky, dominated by the murky band of our Milky Way galaxy. One of them shows the unexplained haze of microwave light previously hinted at.
"The haze comes from the region surrounding the center of our galaxy and looks like a form of light energy produced when electrons accelerate through magnetic fields,".  Or---"Theories include higher numbers of supernovae, galactic winds and even the annihilation of dark-matter particles,".  goal is to observe the Cosmic Microwave Background, the relic radiation from the Big Bang, and to extract its encoded information about what our universe is made of, and the origin of its structure.  This relic radiation can only be reached once all sources of foreground emission, such as the   galactic haze and the carbon monoxide signals, have been identified and removed.

Blog News entries have many articles from ScienceNews and other sources on synchronicities with the cosmos check it out.

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ARTICLE: The Voyager 1 spacecraft has experienced three “tsunami waves” in interstellar space. Listen to how these waves cause surrounding ionized matter to ring like a bell.
• The Voyager 1 spacecraft has experienced three shock waves
• The most recent shock wave, first observed in February 2014, still appears to be going on
• One wave, previously reported, helped researchers determine that Voyager 1 had entered interstellar space
The “tsunami wave” that NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft began experiencing earlier this year is still propagating outward, according to new results. It is the longest-lasting shock wave that researchers have seen in interstellar space.

A “tsunami wave” occurs when the sun emits a coronal mass ejection, throwing out a magnetic cloud of plasma from its surface. This generates a wave of pressure. When the wave runs into the interstellar plasma — the charged particles found in the space between the stars — a shock wave results that perturbs the plasma.
        “The tsunami causes the ionized gas that is out there to resonate — “sing” or vibrate like a bell,” said Ed Stone, project scientist for the Voyager mission based at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. (see graph below)


Ophiuchus, with most of Serpens 
Best seen in the early evening in July

Ophiuchus was originally Ophiuchus vel Serpentarius, the Serpent Bearer, and was represented by a male figure with a serpent wrapped around him. The name is derived from the Greek for 'man holding snake', and the figure is generally identified with Asclepius, a physician and the ship's surgeon of Argo Navis, who was later made into a God. He is often depicted as the seated figure of a man holding a stick around which is wound a snake -- the Rod of Asclepius. This distinctive symbol for physicians survives today, and was one of the first professional icons. Unfortunately the symbol widely used for this in North America shows two snakes around a rod and is known as the Cadeucius, which has a quite different connotation. 

The constellation of Ophiuchus is located between Serpens Caput [ mouth ] and Serpens Cauda [ tail ], two parts of the constellation of Serpens. The southern part of Ophiuchus contains one of the darkest and most visually distinctive dark clouds of the Miky Way. It is popularly known as the Dark Horse nebula -- the body of the horse runs north-south and its legs point towards the bright star Antares. The hind quarters of the horse make up the (smoker's) Pipe nebula, with the stem pointing to Antares. The dust of forelegs reaches a long way in the direction of Antares, where it is illuminated by stars associated with Rho Ophiuchi to make a distinctive reflection nebula visible on the color images mentioned below. 

The dusty clouds of the Dark Horse nebula hide the northern part of the Milky Way's central bulge. The southern part (in Sagittarius) is relatively unobscured. Without this dust the extent of the Milky Way's bulge would be much more apparent to the unaided eye and without it our understanding of the nature of our galaxy as a flattened disk might have come sooner. The large but surprisingly little-known red emission nebula around zeta (ζ) Ophiuchi is clearly visible in the image above. 

Named stars in Ophiuchus (Greek alphabet)
Al Durajah (γ Oph), Cebalrai (β Oph), Han (ζ Oph), Helkath (κ Oph), Imad (θ Oph), Rasalhague (α Oph), Marfic (λ Oph), Sabik (η Oph), Sinistra (ν Oph), Yed Prior (δ Oph), Yed Posterior (ε Oph).    [ serpens  Unukalhia (neck/heart of snake)  Alya tail.

Constellations adjoining Ophiuchus:   Aquila , Hercules, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpius, Serpens.  Once passing Ophis ~ FREE AS A BIRD !  AQUILA .  Pluto will cross the Dark Matter of the Milky Way... 


June 2017
Pluto (Planet of the Underworld) rotation is slow and retrogrades resulting in delayed exit. It will pass Alya Star @ 23 ° around 6.10.17
Sol above Orion as Mars matches the step of Gemini and Mercury joins Aldebaran.  Moon glides through Sag to the Galactic Center to link with Saturn a ride you wont want to miss.


Lunar Expression

Lunar Aquarius Eclipse 9/16/16

JULY 26, 2016



JULY 26 ,2017 Maya New Galactic Year  “Magnetic Moon of Purpose”!





TIMEWAVE ZERO ~ Identified by Terence McKenna

He noticed a great synchronicity between iCHING and Mayan Age End

Did you know that GeoMagnetic Storms can cause HEADACHES?

   Space Weather & Geomagnetic Storms - Headaches, Changes in Blood Pressure

  4/12/2014 article ...  our magnetic shield is in a bit of disarray: without

any interplanetary shocks, the Solar Wind electromagnetics tipped South and that's like our shield just having one of those days where everything goes wrong, and, you've got a migraine. ... "The flashes of pointed and sharp alpha- and theta- waves, prevalent in the right cerebral hemisphere, were registered during our experiments in the days with severe geomagnetic storms (Fig. 2, below)" (Allahverdiyeva & Babayev 2007).

   The brain is a massive source of extremely-low-frequency (ELF) signals that get transmitted throughout the body via the nervous system, which is sensitive to magnetic fields... --Raw EEG frequency bands include gamma (higher than 30 Hz), beta- (14–30 Hz), alpha- (7–13 Hz), theta- (4–7 Hz) and delta- (less than 4 Hz) waves. Their ranges overlap along the frequency spectrum by 0.5 Hz or more. These frequencies are linked to behavior, subjective feeling states, physiological correlates, etc." 

    According to Dr. Neil Cherry, "The first five Schumann Resonances (SR) coincide with the frequency range of the first four EEG bands...Hence resonant absorption and reaction is biophysically plausible ...  heart attacks increased by 400%, traffic accidents increased by 1000%, suicides increased by 800%, all kinds of complications and infections were observed in patients who has surgery on those days. This last effect was attributed to the scalpels being magnetised. A lot of people get what is called an electron-spin inversion, a condition that makes the body work against itself..

12.19.16  We would normally associate jet streams with the weather but, thanks to ESA’s magnetic field mission, scientists have discovered a jet stream deep below Earth’s surfaceand it’s speeding up.   Launched in 2013, the trio of Swarm satellites are measuring and untangling the different magnetic fields that stem from Earth’s core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere.Together, these signals form the magnetic field that protects us from cosmic radiation and charged particles that stream towards Earth in solar winds.

Measuring the magnetic field is one of the few ways we can look deep inside our planet. As Chris Finlay from the Technical University of Denmark noted, “We know more about the Sun than Earth’s core because the Sun is not hidden from us by 3000 km of rock.”  The field exists because of an ocean of superheated, swirling liquid iron that makes up the outer core.   Like a spinning conductor in a bicycle dynamo, this moving iron creates electrical currents, which in turn generate our continuously changing magnetic field.    Tracking changes in the magnetic field can, therefore, tell researchers how the iron in the core moves.   The accurate measurements by the unique constellation of Swarm satellites allow the different sources of magnetism to be separated, making the contribution from the core much clearer.

Earth’s stormy heart

A paper published today in Nature Geoscience describes how Swarm’s measurements have led to the discovery of a jet stream in the core.  Phil Livermore from the University of Leeds in the UK and lead author of the paper said, “Thanks to the missi
on we have gained new insights into the dynamics of Earth’s core and it’s the first time this jet stream has been seen, and not only that – we also understand why it’s there.”     One feature is a pattern of ‘flux patches’ in the northern hemisphere, mostly under Alaska and Siberia.“These high-latitude flux patches are like bright spots in the magnetic field and they make it easy to see changes in the field,” explained Dr Livermore.Swarm reveals that these changes are actually a jet stream moving at more than 40 km a year – three times faster than typical outer-core speeds and hundreds of thousands of times faster than Earth’s tectonic plates move.“We can explain it as acceleration in a band of core fluid circling the pole, like the jet stream in the atmosphere,” said Dr Livermore.So, what is causing the jet stream and why is it speeding up so quickly?   The jet flows along a boundary between two different regions in the core.     When material in the liquid core moves towards this boundary from both sides, the converging liquid is squeezed out sideways, forming the jet.

~~~THIS JET STREAM we can not see is spinning faster than plates move it says and the fluid is circlying our poles, there are two different regions in our core and the material “fluid hot” moves between thie space of boths sides and appears to squeeze out sideways making a jet.  It may be similar to pulses and potentially be entering topside through the cones or gaps in the crust actually increasing the plate sizes.

Later in the article they say … this jet stream can switch directions.  “Thus, meaning a POLE REVERSAL or ROTATION REVERSAL may be in the works? “- SR


NORTHERN CANADA & RUSSIA 2010 is it now Atlantic & Pacific Oceans?

There is a claim that the Canadian pole is strong and the Russia pole is weaker.  Would that mean a major adjustment for MAGNETIC NORTH? NOT ONLY ARE THERE UNEXPLAINED ANOMALIES BUT THE POLES ARE SHIFTING ACROSS THE WORLD (see more below).




                   Magnetosphere COMPRESSION. Volcanic action.

Dwarf star:    electrons and magnetism…-a lot of electrons flooding our radiation belts and there seems to be extra tidal influence out of Aquarius. There are “flux tubes” that appear to allow sun energy to earth’s surface (follow Astral Traveler in youtube for further information).

* Is it the magnetics, undersea volcanoes, x flares or nuclear radiation heating the waters?

Magnetic bones have been found in the human nose, specifically the spenoidal/ethmoid sinuses. Animals, insects, and now bacteria are noted for their abilities for Magnetoception: a class of bacteria known as magnetotactic bacteria. These bacteria demonstrate a behavioural phenomenon known as magnetotaxis, in which the bacterium orients itself and migrates in the direction along the Earth's magnetic field lines. The bacteria contain, magnetosomes which are particles of magnetite or iron sulfide enclosed within the bacterial cells. Each bacterium cell essentially acts as a magnetic dipole. They form in chains where the moments of each magnetosome align in parallel, giving the bacteria its permanent-magnet characteristics. These chains are formed symmetrically to preserve the crystalline structure of the cells. These bacteria are said to have permanent magnetic sensitivity.  Magnetite a natural oxide with strong magnetism and Iron (II, III) oxide remains permanently magnetized ...Earth's magnetic field leads to a transducible signal via a physical effect on this magnetically sensitive oxide.


Measurements made over the past six months confirm the general trend of the field's weakening, with the most dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere.  But in other areas, such as the southern Indian Ocean, the magnetic field has strengthened since January.-The above story is based on materials provided by European Space Agency.

Can the Earth grow like crystals due to this increase in pressure? Will water hidden inside blue ringwoodite crystal release with the increase in vibration? Will the earth deliver more blue sulfur? In researching old cartography, it appears that the shape of continents were remolded not that long ago ~ try 1491 where a dramatic difference is shown where S Ame tore away from Africa.


The Geoid: Why a map of Earth’s gravity yields a potato-shaped planet

By Davide Castelvecchi | April 1, 2011

The deviations of the geoid from the simplified, ellipsoidal model of the Earth are substantial: they range from 100 meters below (dark blue ) to 80 meters above (yellow), Rummel says.  Slightly irregular.

Is earth thrown off balance when quakes strike the continents?  Above is the idea that we are not round and the Yellow section is where gravity is the strongest ~ SR.


2015 & 2013


Chart of Polar Motion 1/8/15 to 4/3/16


Global field made up of several components, including the magnetism retained in crustal rock.   Scientists reported first in 2003 that this satellite could sense the subtle magnetic field generated as the waters of the Earth moved under the gravitational tug of the Moon. This signal was apparent because of its very regular pattern.    ----Scientists say they still have much to learn about Earth's magnetism.

The global field, which shields the planet from high-energy particles emanating from the Sun, appears to be getting weaker, particularly over the South Atlantic where Champ data was used to show there had been a 12% reduction during the course of three decades.

It is in this so-called South Atlantic Anomaly that orbiting spacecraft experience most of their technical failures and where astronauts on the space station receive their largest dose of radiation.


World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map (WDMAM) shows the variation in strength of the magnetic field after the Earth's dipole field has been removed. Earth's dipole field is generated by circulating electric currents in the planet's metal core. It varies from 35,000 nanoTesla (nT) at the Equator to 70,000 nT at the poles.

IRON ORE ... Some say as important as Oil.   MAGNETITE IS MAGNETIC !! Magnetic hematite will sink and the silicate mineral fragments will float and can be removed.


Key alignments from Helio point of view in the Cosmic presence:

1.7.16  Grand Cross Doubled : Earth+Moon Sirius Star vs Pluto Vega Star.  SQ: Earth vs Venus vs Pluto vs Uranus.  Strategically located near powerful Stars : Sirius, Spica, Vega, Kaht & Andromeda.

Second SQ:  Saturn vs Neptune vs Mercury vs Jupiter. Antares , Fomalhaut , Aldabaran & Regulus  (begins 1.6.16)

“Eight is graceful sophistication, eloquence, a sensorial dance in time and space. Governing the tides of life, 8 is cause and effect, ebb and flow. Eight is the art of tai-chi, embracing what comes by entwining it with the experience of what has been. The result of 2 evolving through the natural world of 4 and the harmony and stillness of 6, 8 is yin and yang entwined together throughout time.” ~ Nick Fiorenza,    .The power of two squares, and Xs encased in a circle: 180, 90, 45.

2003 article: the field has been acting strangely.  Maybe a geomagnetic reversal may happen. The movie “The Core” sci-fi movie- earth stops rotating & magnetic sheath collapses.  Things are going on beneath our feet that we dont understand.  It will have profound consequences for life.  Mag field shields us from cosmic rays & funnels charged particles shed by the sun towards the mag poles.  Compass needle can be used. But it an increasing rate.  California Govt Geolab: L Newitt’s job to track N Magnetic pole. 

SOLAR THEORY...Vukcevic-- 1/2004 Evidence of multi resonant system w in solar periodic activity.  periods of approximately 11 and 100-110 years. However, a combination of two, much closer frequencies with periods of approximately 19.9 and 23.7years as in the following mathematical equation


The above Orbits cycles between Earth + Venus, Mars + Earth and Uranus + Saturn. 

As in Cymatics or Lichtenberg figures, the result is a visualization of the harmonics of electro/magnetic fields.  Changes are being recognized in our solar system ... a cacophony.

Are we orbiting around Pleiades star system?


Did you know that Comets outgas Carbon Dioxide?

Comets 2015 .  Comet Lovejoy.  OUTGASSING CARBON DIOXIDE.    Astronomers now predict that the Earth will be bombarded with tiny particles of comet dust in mid-January following ( 2014 ISON’s) dive past the Sun.     Comet Lovejoy beautiful green with a long tail of debris as it possibly brightens at its close encounter with the sun.   Much of that brightness will come from the hundreds of thousands of pounds of dust shed by the comet as the sun heats it up.  Already, is shedding around 120,000 pounds of dust per minute. Comets that pass as close to the sun will shed even more dust.  Meteor events can come from comet tails and comet debris delivers 50 tons of material a day when a planet swings through the tail.



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6 in 2016

TIME X ENERGY=ART !            

“AHAU” ...                 

T (E) = ART


Yellow sun Lord


time is art !


Orbits between Earth + Venus, Mars + Earth and Uranus + Saturn. Have they been disrupted? 

Venus + Earth
 = A Rose